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Sharp Spear Enterprises is a marketing and publishing support company
dedicated to providing reasonably priced, professional services
to the marketing and business communities and
the writing and publishing communities.

Bob Spear, 16313 Springdale Rd, Leavenworth, KS 66048 (913) 772-8253 sharpspear@kc.rr.com
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Bob Spear Historic Performer, Storyteller, Musician
Bob Spear
He's been an international trainer and speaker. He understands what speakers need for the back table.
Before you make a decision on any other book support company, check us out. We can give you the look that tells others you are a professional.
Did you ever notice how speakers like to have a book to sell off the back table to lend them credibility?

What we do is provide coaching, professional services, and project management to these communication experts, so that they will produce books that provide assistance to their clients/audiences while enhancing their professional image.
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